Arms (full)

When God gives you Chewbacca arms, you wave goodbye with a full arm wax that turns you into Princess Leia

Arms (half)

Nobody ever asked for hairy lower arms – whack those hairs out of your life with a quick and easy waxing

Legs (full)

Say buh-bye to all that nasty razor stubble and hello to perfectly waxed pins that stay put that way – for weeks

Legs (half)

Silky smooth legs, waxed to perfection, or the refreshingly coarse sandpaper feel in the morning? You decide!

Back (full)

Time to tell your back hair to back off with a neck to waist waxing that makes you glow with happiness

Back (half)

Never a good look on girls or guys – and the last thing you need for your beach body – time to wax!

Front (full)

Rugs belong on the floor, not your chest: whack that rug back where it should be with a full frontal wax

Front (half)

Cupid's trail it ain't when it's beating a path from, your belly button down to there. Wax it away, worry-free!

Bikini Line

Get beach hair to go with your beach body and trim the hedges for peak confidence in your hotspot


Feeling naughty but nice? Get the full lady landscaping wax service for the Baywatch babe feel – and look.


Give your mighty buns a righteous waxing makeover for a baby-soft feel that's just peachy.


Can't deal with stubble, don't want to feel like a small critter's nestling? Wax it all away for smooth, sandpaper-free pits


Hair belongs on your head – and definitely not your toes. Say bye bye to Bigfoot toes the easy way with waxing.

Full Body Special

Transform yourself from she-bear into a glam queen with a tip to toe waxing that leaves you super-smooth

Eyebrows Waxing

Become the undisputed Queen of the Brows with a brow wax that flaunts your fluttering party peepers

Upper Lip Waxing

For those days when you don't want to feel like your inner bearded lady, dewhisker with upper lip waxing

Lower Lip Waxing

Let your luscious lips do the talking and leave the lower lip whiskers to kitty cats – you'll both look adorbs

Chin Waxing

Chin up and face forward with a waxed and polished chin that gives your whole face a flattering lift

Cheeks Waxing

No need to grin and bear it when you can get a cheeky wax that leaves you rosy-faced and looking fine

Sides Waxing

You'll wax lyrical when you see and touch your silky smooth sides – now fuzz-free, fierce and on point

Neck Waxing

God didn't make you a woman so you could rock a 5 o' clock shadow – go for the jugular and wax your neck

Forehead Waxing

Turn that frown upside down with a forehead wax that elevates your face – and your mood

Full Face Waxing Special

Hair today, gone tomorrow – put your best face forward with the full facial threading special. Say goodbye to fuzz and hello to the glow!