Eyebrows, $10

Get your brow game on point with threading that turns your eyebrows into eye wows

Upper Lip, $5

Pucker up, buttercup, and show the world a gorgeous, peachy pout that's threaded to perfection

Lower Lip, $3

Whack those stubborn lower lip whiskers into oblivion with a lower lip threading attack that takes no prisoners

Chin, $5

Leave the cute chin hairs to grandma – sexy, and you know it with your unthreadible, hair-free chin

Cheeks, $6

Show some barefaced cheek to that unwanted facial fuzz with a cheeky threading that leaves you baby smooth

Sides, $8

There's only one Elvis, and he's not in the building – or on your face after a thorough side threading!

Neck, $5

Is your neck throwing shade on your hot face game? Banish the whiskers back to the darkness, pronto.

Forehead, $5

If your eyes are the window into your soul, then your forehead should be just as divine – thread that forehead to heaven!

Full Face Special, $35

For those days when you just want to say, "pluck it all," and opt for the full threading works to kick all that fuzz straight to the curb.